Evolve at a Glance

Evolve by TCR Advanced Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a

training institute in Vadodara

primarily for Asset Integrity Management. With trainings like Non-Destructive Testing, Damage Mechanisms in Industries and Basics of Metallurgy, evolve wants their candidates to enhance their perception towards prevention of failure and also solve failures by analysing the root cause.

We believe in quality education and thus have experts with over 30 years of experience conduct technical in-depth trainings on assets in various industries like chemical, petrochemicals, fertilizers, power plant, pharmaceutical, general fabrication & engineering industries.

Evolve is the best

training institute in Vadodara

to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and industry experience.


To impart in-depth knowledge on Asset Integrity Management to multitudinous individuals from diverse industries and bring failure count to NIL


Evolve by TCR aims to become global training centre for Asset Integrity Management, Corrosion Control and Inspection to eliminate failure incidents in equipment by conducting training on preventive techniques


Training institute

itself is located in the heart of the city and provides an atmosphere to motivate its candidates. The institute is well equipped with all necessary facilities required by its candidates to meet the latest technological trends.

The classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented by well equipped facilities.

The seating arrangement in the classrooms creates the right atmosphere for long hours of learning. They are equipped with multimedia and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective learning. They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the candidates.

Training Institute in Vadodara
Evolve Educational Institute
Industrial Training Institute

Faculty Expertise

Evolve faculty are experts in their respective fields, who share their expert in depth subject knowledge & extend their support services as well.

Most of the faculty have a blend of corporate as well as academic experience in order to provide the candidates with core practices in the corporate world.

Engineering Training
Industrial Courses
Paresh Haribhakti


Paresh Haribhakti is a pioneer in promoting in-situ metallography, has solved more than 5000 industrial problems and is an acclaimed boiler tube failure investigation expert. He is well known for his accurate diagnoses of complex problems plaguing the petrochemical domain.

Paresh has authored a book titled ‘Boiler Tube Failure Investigation – A comprehensive Approach’ that has been published by ASM International USA

Flexibility of Choice

A wide range of courses are available to the candidates as they can choose according to their bent of interest & ability.

Evolve imparts advanced curriculum courses on Advanced Metallurgy, Non destructive testing , Corrosion damage evaluation, Metallurgy composition, Fatigue and fracture toughness as well as Plant operational trainings. Such courses are based on our 44 years of experience in serving the oil and gas sector.

I-Module (The Soft-skill Department)

In today’s world of industry, keeping an upbeat with positive attitude and creativity, crisis management, problem solving, possessing the requisite cognitive skills, being aware of world ethics, possessing interpersonal and team work skills and ability to communicate effectively, are the challenges faced by today’s engineers.

The institute’s I-Department and the bouquet of varied programs & workshops under it, is an attempt to combat these challenges and convert them into strengths of the engineers.

The Training Institute has well-qualified & multi-faceted faculty team for its deliverance. It also has a tie-up with, various professional soft-skill development bodies as well as corporate associates & trainers for the same.