Metallurgy plays a very crucial role in the integrity and life cycle industrial components. Sound knowledge about metallurgical aspects can lead to avoidance of catastrophic failures. Our courses on metallurgy and metallography provide insight into material behavior in given operating conditions, correct inspection techniques, design considerations on a metallic component, selection of materials.


Metallurgy Training

Institute offer courses like

Metallurgy for Engineers


Metallurgy for Non-metallurgist

& Basics of Metallurgy for engineers to enhance the skillset of employees in any industry and develop a cautios attitude towards Asset Integrity Management. These Metallurgy training and Metallurgy Courses help participants understand insights of Metallurgy.

  • Metallography is the core strength of TCR Advanced having a metallurgical database of over 50000 metal microstructures and over 5000 metallurgical failure investigation cases.
  • Our courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge of metallurgy of engineering components.
  • We correlate theoretical knowledge with practical scenarios in identifying metallurgical issues.
  • We have experienced faculty in the field of metal forming, casting, melting, foundry, forge shop.
  • Our courses cover mechanical, Chemical, Metallographic and corrosion testing of metals.
  • We can customize courses for foundry, forging, fabrication, manufacturing industries.
  • Our courses also focus on metallurgical aspects of welding, brazing, metal forming.

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