Our Advanced NDT courses cover the latest NDT techniques such as PAUT, ToFD, Eddy current testing, Acoustic pulse reflectometry, RFET, NFET, IRIS, Helium Leak Detection. We also conduct courses for damage specific NDT testing such as HTHA, Corrosion under Insulation, Creep damage, NDT for Remnant Life Assessment inspection, Boiler NDT inspection, NDT inspection of Heat Exchanger, assessment of in-service degradation.

  • These courses are conducted by NDT experts with vast experience in Inspection as well as plant operations.
  • Equal weightage is given to practical demonstration, calibration, and standardization of NDT equipment and validation of the test procedure.
  • These courses are suitable for QC inspectors, senior NDT inspectors, engineers involved in plant operation and maintenance.
  • These courses are aimed at providing intensive knowledge of specific NDT technique.
  • We do conduct certification for specific courses.

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