Risk Based Inspection Training

shall cover the identification of high-risk areas of operating units, estimate the risk values with operation of each equipment items in a refinery, petrochemical and chemical process plants, prioritize the equipment inspections, design appropriate inspection program and systematic management of risk of equipment

Risk Based Inspection courses

helps to identify and managing the risks associated with the integrity of equipment. Professionals with a good understanding of RBI, when applying these techniques in the industry, have achieved reduction in the frequency of inspection while ensuring the risk does not increase.

Risk Based Inspection Training

Risk Based Inspection Course

  • Introduction and Application of Risk based Inspection (RBI) to Process Plant Safety
  • Risk Analysis including Hazards Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Approach to RBI
  • Development of Inspection Programs to Reduce Risk
  • Plant Database Structure
  • Likelihood Analysis (Failure Frequencies, Equipment modification factor, Plant Management System, Auditing)
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